Product Description

Nutritional Balance
Good health looks and feels so simple, yet it depends on very complex functions in the body at cellular level. In turn, these sophisticated processes happen thanks to a whole range of nutrients – and a great place to find these important nutrients is barley grass.

Nature’s Most Complete Food

> Naturally Alkaline

> 100% Organic, Juice Powder

A healthy human body should be slightly alkaline rather than acidic. It’s a delicate balance, and barley grass, which is naturally alkalising, can tip this balance in your favour.

Life sustaining nutrients come to us from food via the digestive process, and here too, barley grass is a valuable tool. It promotes healthy bowel function, boosting the intestinal flora that helps us digest our food, while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. More good stuff gets absorbed so you feel more energetic and experience better health. Barley grass is also nutritionally rich in its own right. It contains seven times more vitamin C than orange juice, five times more iron than spinach and a very impressive ten times more calcium than milk.

One Nutrition® Barley Grass is more potent than other products so you experience more benefits. That’s because of our production process. We powder the juice of barley grass, rather than the leaf. This means we need a whopping 50kg of young barley shoots to create just 1kg of powder, but it also means One Nutrition® Barley Grass is an awe-inspiring six times stronger than leaf powder products – couldn’t you do with some of that incredible nutritional power in your life?

Recommended use:

3 Capsules for general health

9 Capsules for treatment of a condition

Contains: Pure organically grown Green Barley (Hordeum vulgare) juice powder, extracted by patented cold extract process Ð and nothing else!