Atlantic Aromatics

Atlantic Aromatics, established in 1984, is an independent Irish company committed to supplying the highest quality Aromatherapy Oils and pure essential oils at a reasonable price and all available from New Harmony.
To ensure this consistent high quality we are guided by the following principles:

PURITY – All essential oils that carry the Atlantic Aromatics name have a guarantee of purity. To achieve this, they source there oils directly from farmers and distillers or from reputable specialists.

NATURALNESS – There policy is to supply aromatherapy oils derived from plants which are grown as close to nature as possible (preferably in their native regions). They specialize in oils from plants grown organically or sustainability wild harvested.
There operation is certified by Organic Trust Ltd. Dublin, Ireland.

AROMA – They choose oils with rich aromas, oils that have been skillfully distilled to truly represent the plants from which they are derived.

VALUE – All their products are supplied in secure simple packaging. This enables them to minimize costs and to maximize the quality and value to our customers.

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