New Vistas

New Vistas Healthcare encourages natural health, strength and balance through Homeopathy. Other holistic styles and remedies such as nutrition, herbs, supplements also support this. Additionally flower essences, chakra therapy and kinesiology provide support.
As a leading Homeopathy Manufacturer & Supplier, a program of healthcare that incorporates detoxification, nutrition and organ support are available from the company. This is used to drain toxins and stimulate the body’s own healing power.
Health through the integration of healing systems is considered by the company. Poor health needs to be treated at its foundation, not simply by alleviating the symptoms. Homeopathy offers guidance and gentle healing characteristics.
Our Homeopathic Remedies’ Product range consists of xenobiotics, liquescences, therapeutic remedies, sarcodes, tissue salts and allersodes. Additionally a range of creams, botanical supplements, intuitive essences and nutritional support are also available.

New Vistas are a leading supplier of homeopathic remedy products to the Irish market. All of the companies products are available from New Harmony Health Food Store, both over the counter and through our online shop.

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