Healing Herbs is a specialist producer of Bach flower essences. Making the essences and supporting people to learn all about them is all we do.

We passionately believe that everyone should be able to learn from Dr Bach so that they can benefit from using flower essences in their daily lives.

We approach the essences in the way that Dr Bach discovered them in the years from 1928 -1935. First he discovered the 12 Healers, then the 7 Helpers and later the Second 19. Each of the three groups has unique qualities that can help us to learn and understand how to use them.

The 12 Healers are personality types, the 7 Helpers are for chronic conditions while the Second 19 support emotional responses to traumatic events.

Dr Bach developed 38 individual flower remedies to help support our emotional states which he believed were the root cause of many physical health problems.