Consuming foods rich in anti-oxidants has been shown to be good for your heart health and may also help to lower your risk of infections and some forms of cancer. You can increase your antioxidant intake by eating more nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of anti-oxidants are very important to good health, because if free radicals are left unchallenged, they can cause a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases. The human body naturally produces free radicals and the antioxidants to counteract their damaging effects. However, in most cases, free radicals far outnumber the naturally occurring antioxidants. In order to maintain the balance, a continual supply of external sources of antioxidants is necessary in order to obtain the maximum benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream.

The anti-oxidants range are part of our Herbs & Supplements products with other sub-categories including vitamins, minerals, omegas, herbal remedies and other supplements. Those products are available from New Harmony Health Food Store in Tuam County Galway, either over the counter or through online shop nationwide. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any question on our product range.

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