Natures Aid have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality nutritional supplements for more than three decades. Established in 1981, by company directors Lynn Lord, David Lord and Paul Marshall, Natures Aid has become the one of the UK’s favourite brand of vitamins, supplements and herbal products, which are manufactured in our own purpose built factory in the UK.
Trustworthy Ingredients

To meet the highest quality standards for our customers, Natures Aid has its own on-site laboratory. The laboratory operates a rigid quality assurance system put in place to test products from every stage, from raw materials to finished product and carry out a series of 21 tests on every product, each time we manufacture.

We do not test any of our products on animals and where possible, products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Natures Aid process more than 50 tonnes of raw materials each year using only the finest quality ingredients. All ingredients are 100% naturally sourced and undergo a rigorous testing procedure by our quality control team to ensure they provide the best absorption and bio-availability.