Product Description

This tonic has been specially purified for internal use. Clay taken in liquid form helps alkalise the body. As a natural superfood, it is well endowed with extraordinary cleansing and energizing properties. It promotes overall well-being thanks to its rich mineral salts and oligoelements content.
Green Clay is a natural substance widely used for nutritional, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Argital source their unique clay from an Earth pit in the deep south of Sicily. The area is clean, unpolluted and sunny. Green clay is 100% natural and is rich in untainted nutrients.
As a nutritional supplement, it plays a powerful role in re-balancing and re-energizing the body as well as reviving good health. It is rich in natural minerals and trace elements and its warm, natural energy makes it the ideal base for the manufacture of nutritional drinks, antioxidants and other natural beauty products.
pH balance is a key factor in maintaining good health and preventing illness. Clay taken in liquid form helps alkalise the body, in other words it lowers the level of acidity. High levels of acidity are very common as a result of the modern western diet.
Clay can help normalise and maintain a balanced intestinal flora which aids digestion and absorption of nutrients thereby reducing constipation and related problems such as fatigue, bloating and headaches

When used internally:
Helps balance pH
Supports detoxification.
Assists weight loss
Cleanses noxious substances.
Promotes healthy bowel function
Balances blood sugar
Reduction of various aches and pains
Provides enhanced oral and gum health
Improves digestion of foods and absorption of nutrients
Promotes overall well-being

When used externally:
Supports detoxification
Nourishes and refreshes skin
Firms, tones and controls cellulite
Aids menstrual cramps
Helps ear aches
Absorbs pain, swelling and lumps
Aids healing of fractures
Revitalises and nourishes hair.
Helps maintain youthful appearance

Directions for use:
It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
Dissolve 1 tsp of Ventilated Active Green Clay in a glass of water.
Stir well and allow to sit for 10 minutes.
Drink only the clay-infused water: do not consume the clay sediments at the bottom of the glass.
Do not exceed the recommended dosage.