The Health Nutrition Coach Food Intolerance Test


An at-home blood test for food allergies.

Product Description

The Health & Nutrition Coach Food Intolerance Test

The Health & Nutrition Coach Food Intolerance Test, tests the blood for IgG antibodies. This helps to determine if you have a food intolerance  to over 400 different foods.

This is a simple pin prick test from the tip of your finger. If they discover you have foods you must avoid, they will provide this information for you, via email. The information is used to guide you on your food elimination diet. To help you with your food eliminations The Health & Nutrition Coach will also be providing you with meal plans to help you through the process. The Health & Nutrition Coach provides 10 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep your meals tasty and interesting!

Directions for use

Step 1: Using the alcohol pad enclosed, wipe the finger clean.

Step 2: Using the lancet, twist off the protective cap.

Step 3: Massage your finger. Ensure your hand is warm.

Step 4: Place the lancet firmly against your finger and push down until it pierces your skin.

Step 5: Squeeze your finger quickly to allow the blood to form a drop & add 3-4 drops to the test tube.

Step 6: Seal the test tube & write your name on same.

Step 7: Post to the address on information sheet.


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