Product Description

Chocolate in its purest form.
An optimum source of antioxidants.
Packed with vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals, particularly magnesium.

Cacao beans, “the food of the gods”, are obtained from the cacao fruit and have been a prized culinary ingredient in Latin America since ancient times. Cacao nibs are peeled, raw cacao beans. Our organic raw cacao nibs have a satisfyingly rich deep chocolate flavour and a delicious, crunchy texture. Nothing is added in the simple, minimal processing of the beans, which ensures that none of their goodness is lost. In addition to vitamins, fibre and minerals, cacao is also very high in flavonoids, which possess many health benefits.

100% organic raw cacao nibs (Theobroma cacao).

Pack Size(s): 125g & 250g

How to Use:
Add a few desert spoons to cereals, smoothies, home baking or trail bars, eat on their own or choose from one of our recipes here!

If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor or nutritionist.
May contain traces of nuts, gluten and dairy.

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