Product Description

Promotes health and vitality of the male reproductive system


Adults:  1 teaspoon (5ml) twice daily after meals

Children:  half teaspoon (2.5ml) twice daily after meals

Do not exceed stated dosage.

Keep out of reach of children.

The Liquescences are potentised remedies designed specifically to treat organs that have been stressed as a result of toxicity and that have been weakened due to poor nutrition. In this condition organs are unable to absorb or utilise the nutrients from foods, from vitamins, minerals or herbs in their original or gross form. Administering specialised supplements to such organs is wasteful. The Organ & Systems and Mineral Liquescence range focuses on the practical utilisation of homoeopathy in the form of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. These remedies are safe for people of all ages including children. They are particularly suitable for the elderly and those in ill health. In addition to their function to restore health to stressed organs, the Liquescences are ideal tonics for use on an ongoing basis so as to maintain optimum health and vitality.

Due to medicines regulation, we are not permitted to provide additional information.