Product Description

The nervous system remedy. People who suffer from constantly changing ups and downs need Mag. phos.
It is needed for the brain, heart and muscles so as it relieve confusion, twitching, tremors, sweating and unsteady handwriting.
Pains in the bowel, stomach cramps, spinal column pain and numbness are indicative of magnesium deficiency. Use to sooth pain from arthritis and rheumatism.

All the phosphate remedies work in harmony; Mag. phos, Calc. phos and Kali. phos.

Magnesium helps the blood remain alkaline, so it will support blood health.

Tissue salts, also commonly referred to as ‘cell salts’, are homeopathic remedies made from the basic mineral compounds that the cells in the body depend on. Bio-Plasma Liquescence is a tonic combining all the tissue salts.
Tissue Salt therapy is a way of supporting the human functions with mineral salts which are indispensable for the metabolic processes within the cells.
Micro-dosed minerals are quickly absorbed and help stimulate the body’s natural responses.
All 12 Tissue Salts are available in liquid form – 30ml bottles (approx. 1 month supply)

4 drops three times daily or as recommended by your practitioner
2 drops twice daily or as recommended by your practitioner.