Product Description

This grade of match green tea is an excellent choice for those suffering from fatigue, low energy levels, inflammatory conditions and digestive sluggishness.

Excellent for those  diet and health is poor to average.  It has all the benefits of matcha green tea such as increasing energy, controlling cravings, boosting metabolism and reducing fluid retention.  It may also be used in cooking.  Highly recommended as a boost for those suffering from fatigue, recovering from an illness or very overweight.

Additional benefits:

A long steady energy boost of 3-5 hours

Up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular tea bag green tea

High levels of L-theanine which reduce stress and anxiety and aids regular sleep

10 times the nutrients of regular tea

Boosted rate of fat-burning to aid weight loss

A delicious mild green tea that will leave you energised, relaxed and positive.

30g  –   30-35 servings Store in a cool dry place away from strong smells. Use within three months once opened for best results. Shelf life one year.


100% Organic powdered japanese green tea leaves