Product Description

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Rivers of health high stability colloidal silver 100 ml has been produced using the latest electro-current controlled technology and a 9 stage water purification process. Colloidal silver is anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal, a powerful anti microbial catalyst. This does not mean it will cure all manner of serious illnesses.

This product is highly effective, high resistance to disease depends on good nutrition, proper hydration, emotional health, regular relaxation, exercise, hygiene and a balanced lifestyle. Colloidal silver can be sprayed on to the skin including damaged skin. Also in to nose and throat. Dropper application into eyes and ears. Other uses include gargle and mouthwash. It is also suitable for plants and animals.


Purified water 99.999% pure silver, 10 parts per million (by weight).

Anti bacterial anti fungal and anti viral
• Can be sprayed onto skin including damaged skin
• It is also suitable for plants and animals
• One of the oldest anti microbial agents
• Suitable for vegans