Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser


Powerful cleaning sponge, removes and cleans marks.

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Product Description

Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser

Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser is a nonabrasive sponge that will remove a variety of stains and tough to budge residues and marks. Just dampen with water to activate its tough exfoliating power and use on virtually any surface. The sponge is designed to be used with water alone, so there’s no need for strong chemicals or toxic cleaning agents. It can also be cut up into a smaller block for an easier clean.

Suitable for use on soap scum stained tiles, taps, screens and kitchen sink fittings, coffee stained cups and mugs, oily or food residues on fridges, freezers and ovens, pans, ceramics and more…


  • Suitable for many household surfaces
  • Provides a spotless clean by just using water
  • Gets rid of moulds, oils, pen marks and more…

Directions for use

  1. Take the Stain Eraser Sponge from the ack and cut off a small block.
  2. Moisten with water
  3. Scrub lightly over stains and watch them fade away.


100% Melamine Foam. Stain Eraser is not a toy and should be kept away from children and animals. Don’t use on varnished surfaces or those likely to scratch. Never use on your skin. Don’t use with detergents. Always rinse crockery after use.

Ecozone Magic Stain Eraser is available from New Harmony Health Food Shop, Tuam, both in-store and on our website nationwide.


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