Product Description

Clearing mind/body and emotions of toxicity and sluggishness associated with headaches and weight issues.

Indicated for:
Feeling heavy, toxic and sluggish in the organs of elimination, lymph, liver, circulation that may contribute to headaches and weight issues. Beneficial for toxic emotions past and present and weight issues with an emotional context.

Cleanses and balances the whole system, clearing mental overload and emotional toxicity, lightens the load and helpful for feeling clear and generally cleansed on all levels.


Energetic infusion of the following indigenous flowers from the Australian Bush, purified water & Ecocert alcohol 26%:
Wild Potato Bush, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Bauhinia, Bush Iris, Peach Flowered Tea Tree and Fringed Violet.


Take 7 drops under the tongue, morning and night.