Aroma-Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser


Absolute Aromas Aroma-Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser uses modern ultrasonic technology, aromatherapy and mood lighting to add atmosphere to your home or work.

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Product Description

Aroma-Blossom Ultrasonic Diffuser

The Absolute Aromas Aroma-Blossom allows you to create a calming mood or reviving atmosphere in your home or work place. The ultrasonic diffuser can help you relax, feel invigorated or aid easier breathing. It’s a revolutionary way to fragrance your surroundings.

It’s perfect for use with pure essential oils, has low energy consumption. This beautiful diffuser needs no naked flame or heat source, and also has an automatic shut off safety feature for maximum safety.

Try using your Aroma-Blossom Diffuser in your bedroom, living room and any area of your home you feel could do with an aromatic lift or cleanse.


Simply fill the reservoir with water, add a few drops of your choice of essential oil and switch on. In addition, it can also be set to turn off after two hours and four hours.

Absolute Aroma products are available from New Harmony Health Food Store in Tuam, Co. Galway, both instore and on our online shop nationwide.


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