Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to health that helps you understand the link between what you eat think and do every day – and most importantly your well-being.

Kinesiology is done by means of muscle testing. This helps the practitioner identify why you feel the way you do, by finding out from the body, and then balancing the body’s energy.

You may be suffering with chronic issues that we want to help you with. This could be something as simple as a recurring cold, or that “run down” feeling. Don’t feel that being tired and sluggish is the norm, it’s not!

What can Kinesiology help with?

  • Stress and emotional imbalances.
  • Difficulties with reading and writing.
  • Fears and phobias.
  • Back pain, joint pain, neck pain. 

How long does it take?

We recommend putting aside 1 hour and 15 minutes for your treatment.

How much does it cost?

While every individual is different, our prices at New Harmony begin at €50.

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Bio-energy therapy

Bio-energy therapy is a specialised form of healing, unique and safe, it aims to help the body regain its health and vitality.Bio-energy is based on the existence of energies within and outside the body, proven by scientists to exist by MRI, ECG and the acceptance of acupuncture by the World Health Organisation.

An obstruction in the physical body or its energy field can prevent the flow of energy through the body – This energy is vital for not only physical well-being, but emotional and mental health.

The therapist uses a range of hand positions and techniques to focus energy and scan the body. This rids the body of any energy jams. You don’t have to a believer of bio-energy for it to work, but after your treatment you will!

What can Bio-Energy Therapy help with?

  • Boost the immune system.
  • Release muscular tension.
  • Relieve the mind of stressors and strains.

How long?

We recommend putting aside 1 hour for your session. 

How much?

Usually this is priced individually, but prices begin at €50. Discounted rates apply for follow up sessions.

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Eat Right 4 Your Type

Some researchers believe that your blood type determines your susceptibility to illnesses, how you should exercise and what food you should eat.

Here at New Harmony, we want to help you put the discoveries of Dr. Peter D’Adamo into practice. By a simple finger prick test we can tell you your Blood Type (if you don’t already know).From there you are given a consultation, with a personalised list of foods to avoid and include, and those that are neutral. Think of it as a journey of discovery to learn what is “right for your type”, not a diet!

What can Eat Right 4 Your Type help with?

  • Weight loss.
  • IBS symptoms i.e. diarrhoea/constipation, flatulence etc
  • Energy levels.
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • Inflammatory diseases

How long?

We recommend putting aside 1 hour 15 minutes for your session.

How much?


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food allergy

A food allergy is an abnormal immune response to food. Some allergies and intolerances are caused by an enzyme deficiency or chemical sensitivity. This is one of the most common issues in our first world country due to our poor dietary habits. It is an issue that affects us in many ways, including digestive problems, chronic fatigue, IBS, bloating, headaches, itchy skin, joint pain and weight gain.

We test for food intolerances in two ways:

  1. Kinesiology Testing – What is Kinesiology you ask? (Try link with other page here)

How long?

We recommend putting aside 1 hour 15 minutes for your session.

How much?


  1. Lorisian Testing

Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests analyse your blood sample for food specific IgG   antibody reactions. This highlights the foods you are reacting to and should eliminate   from your diet.

How long?

Blood testing only takes 15 minutes. Follow up approx. 30 minutes

How much?

Lorisian 50 €149

Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 50 food ingredients.

Lorisian 75 €199

Analyses yout IgG antibody reactions to 75 food ingredients.

Lorisian 100 €249

Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 100 food ingredients.

Lorisian 150 plus €299

Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to more than 150 food ingredients.

While reactions to most foods aren’t life threatening, they certainly aren’t pleasant. Let’s banish the 3 o’clock slump!

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Flower essences

Flower essences are herbal infusions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. The first 38 flower remedies were formulated by a British physician Br Edward Bach, in the 1930’s, although new remedies are now available.

Here at New Harmony, we stock a wide range of Flower Essences, but we also formulate our own remedies on an individual basis. This can be a combination of flowers specific to the individuals needs.

How long?

Individual flower testing 20 minutes – €25 (inc. flower remedy)

Individual flower testing plus Chakra Balance 45 minutes €40 (inc. flower remedy)

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