Sara’s Choice Camu Camu Powder


100g Powder. Highest Natural Vitamin C on the Planet.

Product Description

Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is the name of a bush which grows in the Amazonian rain forest of Peru. Its fruit bears the same name and contains the most concentrated source of naturally occurring Vitamin C on the planet! The berries are about the size of a large grape and have a green or purplish red skin depending on its ripeness. The pulp is a crystal clear white and usually surrounds two seeds. The Camu Camu berries are wild crafted. Sara’s Choice Camu Camu grows in the Peruvian Amazon and is collected by local people by hand, via boat.

100g of pure raw wildcrafted 30:1 Camu Camu powder wholefood.

Take up to 3 grams, 3 times daily. Best taken on an empty stomach. Mix with your favourite juice.


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