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Milled Flax – 500g


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1000 in stock

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Irish Health Oils produce premium health products that are made in Ireland.

Our Flax and Hemp oils are cold pressed from top quality locally grown seeds to
reach you fresh and delicious every time. All of our products are 100%
natural so that the healthy fats and nutrients are kept in their most active
and beneficial states.

Milled Flax
Seed is a fantastic source of protein suitable for vegetarians, vegans and
body builders.

Milled flax is not only a great source of protein but it is also high in viscous
water soluble fibre. Taking it as part of a healthy diet, helps to maintain a
healthy digestive system and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Milled Flax Seed contains vitamins, minerals, omega oils and anti-disease molecules,
which help to improve general wellbeing.

How to use:

Adult dose: one or two dessertspoonfuls once daily.

Child dose(over 2 years): One teaspoon, once daily.

Can be taken on food or used as an ingredient in cooking.

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