Product Description

Higher Nature Colloidal silver contains pure, medical grade silver, which has been used for many centuries. It is produced using electro-controlled technology and pure water from a 9-stage water purification process, to achieve a very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns). This small particle size is important because it provides a much greater surface area and therefore more of an effective liquid. The 15ml refillable size is ideal for carrying in a bag or pocket. Use the 200ml non-spray-nozzle size to refill the 15ml and 100ml spray-nozzle sizes. This product has remained exactly the same for many years and continues to be colloidal silver of the highest purity and quality
Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
Colloidal Silver containing 99.99% pure silver, free from heavy metal contamination.
Contains very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns).
Ideal for use all-round the house and perfect for travel

Purified water and 99.999% pure silver, at a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million). Intended use

Can be used on any surface and can be sprayed into the air.
Keep in a cool, dark place out of reach of children.