Bio Health Liquorice Root


Cultures around the world testify to the benefits of the Liquorice root being widely used to improve the health of respiratory and digestive tracts.


Product Description

The Liquorice root used in our product conforms to the standard set by the British Pharmacopoeia thereby guaranteeing consistency of therapeutic action. Liquorice has a long and distinguished history of use dating back over 3000 years and has many pharmacological actions and therapeutic uses.

•Bio-Health Pure-Fil capsules are totally free from all additives, sugar lactose, gluten and yeast.

Ingredients Per Capsule:
Liquorice Root BP
Pure powdered root – 400mg

Vegtable hydroxypropyl
methylcellulose (HPMC)
(approximately) – 95mg

1 capsule thrice daily swallowed with water.

Size: 60 capsules of 400mg each.

Do not take during pregnancy.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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