Chia Bia

Chia Bia offers you a simple way to get more nutrients into your diet so that you’ll have more energy, good digestion and a healthy heart. Not only is chia the highest known vegetarian source of OMEGA 3, it is also high in Fibre, Protein, & Antioxidants. So by simply adding tiny, tasteless chia seeds to your favourite foods, you can improve your health and get on with the more important things in life.

Benefits of Chia:
Keeps a healthy heart.
Helps with Digestive Disorders.
Good for people with Diabetes or who want to balance blood sugar levels.
Increases Energy levels.
Good for Joint Pain or Arthritis.
Improves Memory and Concentration.
For those who wish to lose weight.

Chia Bia products are available from New Harmony Health Food Store in Tuam County Galway, both over the counter or through our online shop nationwide. Feel free to call us for more product information.

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